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Noah rupert


Why do i always get eyelashes in my eyes?

I get a eyelash into my eyes. It cause discomfort with a foreign feelings. What makes the eyelashes get in my eyes?
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  • Andrew bell


    Well, in truth, almost every people has such experience that eyelash into eyes. Sometimes you rub your eyes, you cry or your eyelash is too long, those can make your eyelash into your eyes. If your eyelash is too long you can take eyelid surgery, then your problem can be solved. Otherwise, you can try the following methods. First, use flooding water to wash your eyes. Second, open your eyes wide and use your finger. Third, go to sleep. And the eyelash will get out itself. By the way, when you try to make your eyelash out, you should wash your hands first.
  • Tyler


    If you use the eye makeup often, your eyelashes may often fall off and get into your eyes because of the inner containing toxic materials stimulations. You should decline the time of doing make up at the eyes. You could also use the warm compress to make your eyes feel comfortable. At the same time, you could adopt the vitamin E on the surface of the eyes to make the eyelashes grow fast. You could have a try.
  • Richard Schneider


    It is normal that eyelashes drop occasionally. That sometimes you have eyelashes in your eyes is also not a big issue. But you must get the eyelashes out immediately to avoid irritation. When you have eyelash in your eyes, you can try several ways to get it out. Close your eyes tightly, and pinch and squeeze all of the eyelashes outward to seize the lash and then pull it out. You can ask your friend or one of family members to blow the lash out. Keeping your eyes winking hard can pop the lash out. However, you should caution that the lash will not slip deeper when you try this way. If the eyelash dropping is severe, you may experience eyelashes loss problem which is due to deficiency in nutrition. If you have the habit of rubbing eyes, then quit it.

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