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What do hazel eyes look like?

I never met people with hazel eyes. What do they look like? Do you think people with hazel eyes are beautiful?
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  • Samuel


    The hazel eyes will look dark at the color, a little like that of the panda eyes. A lot of people think the hazel eyes look beautiful because they look like using the eye shadows. A lot of people make the hazel eyes by the eye makeup on purpose. They think such eyes look bigger and more beautiful. Now a lot of people even use the contact lenses to make their eyes look beautiful.
  • John


    First, two factors can determine our eye color, one is the eye's iris and the other is melanin. To put it simply, your eye's iris contains how much melanin, your eyes will present what color. Hazel eyes often present brown or green, so sometimes people take mistake that hazel eyes is brown or green. It is quite common in Caucasoid population, especially people who are intermixed with blue, green and brown eye color. I think it's beautiful. Since my eye color is black, I am so envy people who have different eye color. I think hazel color is bright, and it likes cat's eye. It gives me an impression the guy is mysterious.