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Should sunglasses touch your eyebrows?

How to choose the best suitable sunglasses? Should sunglasses touch the eyebrows? Do you have any good suggestion?
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  • Alissa


    The sunglasses should not touch your eyebrows. Instead, the top of the sunglasses frames should be set below your eyebrows and follow the same contour line as your eyebrows so as to achieve a perfect fit that makes you look better. The best way to choose a pair of sunglasses is to try the sunglasses in a store rather than purchase one online. When you are trying sunglasses, you should regard comfort as the most important thing. Besides the eyebrow, the sunglasses should also well fit for your face shape. If you have square face, round frames are good choice and if you have round or oval face, square frames are suitable. In addition, the color of the frames should match with the color of your hair, skin and eyes.
  • Caroline


    First, look yourself in the front of mirror to check the shape of your face. Second, determine which color of your skin belongs to. Third, make sure your hair style is the most one you like. Now, you can chose the most suitable sunglasses for you. Commonly, square face should wear round eye glasses, such as round black eyeglasses or cat eyeglasses, which can help with making forehead and the lower jaw much closer. If you get round face, try to wear eyeglasses to make your face much oval. If your skin is deep, some bright color may not fit to you.

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