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Can you live a normal life with glaucoma?

How can glaucoma affect our life? Can i get a normal life if i suffered from glaucoma?
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  • Carlos quick


    How much your life will be affected depends on your lifestyle and on how bad your vision loss is. Normal use of your eyes (such as for reading or watching TV) won't speed up vision loss or make the condition worse. Most patients with glaucoma live perfectly normal lives. While this can be a serious problem, most patient have glaucoma well controlled with either eye drops, pills, laser surgery, or standard surgery. With good medical care, there is no reason that you won't live your life with reasonably good vision.There is no cure for glaucoma. However, glaucoma is treatable and most patients with glaucoma do not go blind. However, just like with diabetes or high blood pressure, continuous monitoring is required to assess for any changes in the condition.
  • b3autiful___


    Glaucoma is such a serious eye problem which you need to pay attention to. Once people get glaucoma, they may find a lot of side effects in life. Their normal life will be affected. People with glaucoma will find difficulty in seeing things clearly. They may have the blurry vision to some degree. If they don't treat the glaucoma well, they may have high possibility to get the cataracts. Thus, protecting the eyes is so important.
  • Jeff


    People who satisfy factors as follows may be more possible to get glaucoma than others, that is , over age 40, have a family history of glaucoma, have poor vision, have diabetes, take certain steroid medications, such as prednisone. It is hard to say whether glaucoma can affect your life or not. Becasue glaucoma may lead to pain, redness, burning in eyes and vision loss may also follow. These will let you complain about your life, however, normal life cannot be affected if you do as your doctor told you. But if you do not take any medical measures for your glaucoma, blindness, even permanent blindness will happen. Then your daily life will become abnormal soon.
  • Kate


    There are several varieties of glaucoma, such as acute angle closure glaucoma, chronic angle closure glaucoma, open-angle glaucoma, congenital glaucoma and secondary glaucoma. But they all can bring about bad influences on our life. Acute angle closure glaucoma will cause severe ocular pain, the ipsilateral headache, halo vision, dilated pupil and so on. People who gets it can’t live a normal life; Chronic angle closure glaucoma will bring about eye discomfort, the onset of vision. And most people will feel uncomfortable after these symptoms disappear, so it also affect the normal life of people; The main characteristics of open angle glaucoma are dizziness, headache, eye swelling and unstable tension of eyeball. People can live a normal life temporarily; Congenital glaucoma and secondary glaucoma can cause shedding tears, elevated intraocular pressure. Whatever kind of glaucoma if you get, please seize the time to seek treatment because your normal life will be affected seriously by glaucoma.