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The lenses in my new glasses are badly cut. Do you think I can return them?

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  • clam_i_am


    Since your new glasses are badly cut, it is your optician's mistake. You can take your glasses back to the place where you bought them and show them your glasses. If they know your problem, they will agree to have your glasses returned and give back your money. If you bought them online, you should send them the picture of your glasses. They will agree to have your glasses returned if your glasses are cut badly indeed.
  • hall


    If it isn't your own responsibility, you can contactl your seller and tell him what your probelm is. Or you can take your glasses back to your optician and show him your glasses. If it is his responsibility, you can return them for money back or change it for a new one.
  • Andrew Rabinowitz


    Oh, badly cut lenses? I think if you are not satisfied with the lenses, you can have a refund or ask the optician to cut another pair of lenses for you. But I think if the flaw is not very noticeable and the lenses will not fall out from the frame, you can wear them. We will not use the edge of the lenses to view things, so they won't cause any side effect on our vision.
  • Dylan


    I think you can ask the optician to change the lenses for you. Last time I went to an optical shop, the optician made a small mistake, so one of the lenses had some flaws. Before I began to complain about it, the optician told me that he would cut another lens for me. If they don't change the lenses for you. This pair of glasses will not cause any vision problems except they looks a little ugly. You can tell the optician that you won’t shop in this optical shop anymore. Maybe they will change the lenses for you. Good luck!
  • walkerstalker2


    I'd like to give you a good suggestion. I call it good because I think it is really good. And usually it works. If this pair of glasses will not cause any vision problems and the lenses can be stored in the frame, you can tell your optician that you want a refund, or ask the guy to cut a pair of new lenses for you, or give you a discount. Usually the optician will accept the last request other than throw away these lenses. But sometimes, the optician will choose to cut the lenses for you because a badly cut lenses will affect the reputation of the store so that less customer will choose this store in future. The optician doesn't want to see that.