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Where can I buy cheap prescription eyeglasses with affordable price?

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  • Jonathan griffin


    You can shop around in your local places to find out whether there are some optical stores having discount activities. The eyeglasses in the discount area are usually cheaper than others. If so, just select one that you like best. Then have an eye exam at your doctor's to get your prescritpion. After that the optician will make prescription glasses for you with affordable price.
  • coloradolicious


    First, you should go to your local optical store to have an eye exam in order to get your prescription. You can look for glasses that you like best and remember the model. After that you can search the glasses that you like online. Then you can order them online with your prescription. You will find the glasses that are the same as that in the local store much cheaper online.
  • Jack percy


    There are so many places that you can choose a pair of prescription glasses. Usually the big stores like walmart or lenscrafters can offer you a pair of cheap glasses with good quality. Maybe they have many chain stores and they own a big business so that they can provide customers with cheaper products. You can have a look.
  • Mark Burns


    You can buy cheap prescription in many places. Usually the glasses sold online are much cheaper than that sold in the physical shops. But the lower price doesn't mean the products have lower quality. We know that it will take only a few dollars to make a pair of glasses while the price set by companies are several times or even more than ten times of the cost. The online stores can make profit even though they sold at a lower price. So I strongly suggest you to buy glasses online.
  • Aaron lewis


    The glasses sold by Firmoo are very cheap. But I have to admit that sometimes the prices of some products are a little higher than the glasses sold by other online stores. But I don't know whether I can try a pair of sunglasses that are less than ten dollars. I think maybe they are toys that played by many kids other than those glasses which can help prevent UV rays. So I have never bought a pair of sunglasses on that kind website.
  • craziblondi36


    If you would love to seek for some cheap prescription at brick and mortar store, you can go to WalMart where you can find relatively cheap prescription eyeglasses. However, personally I think the prescription eyeglasses at online shop is relatively cheap that those in brick and mortar store. You can find those prescription eyeglasses at a low rate at, Zenni optical or Hope this helpful.