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What kind of eyewear can i put on to bring out my eyes?

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  • walkingalone121


    That depends on the color of your skin. If you have light skin, you can try glasses with blue and purple colors which can fit you very well. If you are tan, the color of your eyeglasses should be brown or black which will suit you fine.
  • Zoe may


    The best kind of eyewear should depend on your face shape and skin color. If you have round face, square and rectange frame glasses can fit your face shape well. If you have oval face, then you can wear any type of glasses. The color of your glasses should depend on your skin color. You'd better go to optical stores to try them on and find out what suit you best. What's more, to bring out your eyes, you can try applying some eye makeup.
  • Daniel


    I think the big black plastic frames can bring out your eyes. If you have vision problems, you can definitely wear a pair of this kind of glasses. If you don't have any vision problems, you can just wear a pair of black frame. My roommate has small eyes. She wants to bring out her eyes too. She wears a pair of black plastic glasses. She looks good. The glasses make people to notice her eyes more easily.
  • cat_w101


    I think big plastic frames will attract people's attention so that people will notice your eyes in this way. But I think you'd better use black eyeliner to paint your eyes as well because this way is also very useful in bringing out your eyes. Once my biology teacher said in the class that big eyes were very beautiful but small eyes are very attractive. Ha-ha, I agree with him on that point. So choose what you like. Good luck!