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What is the latest fashion trend in eyewear?

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  • 04/13/2012

    The latest fashion trend in eyewear might be bright, bold colors and multi-color frames. Brown and black frames are no longer the only choice for people now. Rectangular frames are popular with people in recent years. Frames made of natural materials, such as titanium and stainless steel are preferred by more and more people.
  • Kaylee peters


    I've found many people prefer to wear retro and vintage glasses in recent years. These glasses become the trend again and more and more people begin to follow the trend. Eyewear in bold colorations are also fashionable. Some styles, like aviators, cat eye glasses and oversized glasses become the latest fashion trend in eyewear, too.
  • elpropio


    Compared with frame-less glasses, big plastic frames are more fashionable. And nowadays, the plastic frames with all kinds of style and color are very popular. You can have a look on the internet. You may think some of them are very weird, but I will tell you that more and more people will like them in the future because they can highlight the character of people who are wearing them. Many people want to be outstanding in the crowds. Maybe you are also one of them.
  • Gabriella


    I heard that the latest fashion trend in this fall is frameless eyeglasses. So I bought a pair of frameless glasses last week. The lenses are round just like what Steve Jobs wore. It is said that frameless eyeglasses will make people feel more kind are easy to get along with, so I want to have a try though I am very kind and easy going already. You can have a try too.
  • Jocelyn griffin


    Nowadays, the most popular glasses are always those plastic glasses. You can have a look on this website did you notice the photos shared by many bloggers? I think what they choose can reflect what most people will like in some degree. I am not a guy who always follows other people. But sometimes, I can get more information from others in many ways.
  • Brooke


    I found this information on internet. I hope it is useful to both guys and gals who want to know the fall trend of 2013. there are many kinds of beautiful glasses listed in charmed artist, effortless intrigue, positive energy, bon voyage, sheer impulse, and timeless treasures. You can open each webpage to have a look. I think they are informative and helpful. Hope this helped!

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