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Is there a way to make red eyes white without eye drops?

I find my eyes appear red in recent day. It might be caused by long time seeing computer screen. Is there any good way to make my red eyes return white without eye drops?
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  • Cassidy bell


    If you sit before the computers for a long time with little rest, you may easily get the red eyes because of the dryness. Besides the way of using eyedrops to release the symptom, there are other ways you can do to get the red eyes become white. You can close your eyes and rest for a while. You must limit the time of using computers. You can even use the warm cloth to cover on eyes to increase the blood circulation around the eyes.
  • CeCe Bazel


    Well, it seems that you have got pink eyes due to excessive computer and it good. So, it is good for you to realize your situation and it is not too late to make a change and do something about it. So, my advice for would be that y take enough time off to relax your eyes, just get enough sleep, also, you should get a healthy diet, drink more water, and take some physical exercise. In the meantime, vitamin pills may heal you out of your trouble.