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Do eye drops help subconjunctival hemorrhage ?

Yesterday my mother was diagnosed subconjunctival hemorrhage, and her doctor just gave her a bottle of eye drops. I want to know that if eye drops can help with my mother' s subconjunctival hemorrhage. Thanks for you guys' help!!!
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  • eeelisa814


    In fact, subconjuncival hemorrhage disappear itself over time without any need of treatment. Soemtimes people having this won't even know without looking into the mirror. It's not a big deal. You said doctor prescribed her with eyedrops. That means your mother's OK. The red eyes will disappear as long as the bruise in her eyes heal itself.
  • Linda


    Well, of course yes, eye drops can be helpful for subconjunctival hemorrhage. In daily life, there are many people who get subconjunctival hemorrhage, and there is no need to take some medical treatments to heal them. And it can disappear in one week. So in common, you do not need to worry about your mother's situation. And if she takes some eye drops, it will just speed up the recovery of subconjunctival hemorrhage. Also, your mother can just put some cool teabags on eyes, and then have a good rest. For the cases, an injury to the eye or a head injury can be the most common ones.
  • Caleb


    Yes, eye drops will help your mum with subconjunctival hemorrhage which is usually caused by the eyes infection because of the coming invisible bacterium. The eyes drops with anti-inflammation could get rid of the bacterium soon. You could also let your mum do the home remedy of warm compress to make the eyes feel comfortable. It is very useful. Good rest for the eyes is also necessary.

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