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Are pinhole glasses good for your eyes ?

Has anyone heard of pinhole glasses? Are they good for your eyes? What are their main function?
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  • evet


    No one can assert that pinhole glasses works. Debates about them have been going on for many years. As far as I can see,it must have been promoted and propaganded if it really works. Let's see laser surgery which has been proven effective by over than 90 percent. It came out just twenty years at most, but has been so popular all over the world. Pinhole glasses are just a lucritive money-making hoax.
  • gwynnie


    Well, of course I have heard of them which are very famous and popular. First, you should know that pinhole glasses are well known as stenopeic glasses. And they are eyeglasses with a series of pinhole-sized perforations filling an opaque sheet of plastic in place of each lens. And this kind of glasses is combined with certain eye exercises. In that way, they could permanently improve eyesight. And that can be the most important function of them. Generally speaking, people who are nearsighted and farsighted can both use them. But on the other hand, you should know that this kind of eye glasses still has some side-effects. For example, if it is the first time you use them, I have to tell you that you should take some time to be accustomed to them, or it will just make you feel uncomfortable, and stressed.
  • cauliflowerbat


    Yes, I have heard of it. Pinhole glasses are used for increasing or bettering the vision. It could do this through the way of increasing the depth and focus of what the individual is looking at. Someone who is nearsighted or farsighted and has various other eye conditions may need this. The pinhole glasses are very useful for them at the vision they see things. Sometimes they are expensive at the real store of the eyeglasses. People will make it by themselves. People will use the not-used eyeglasses or sunglasses and pin to make the pinhole glasses which may save them a lot of money. If you are near sighted, you'd better protect the eyes at the detailed things, like the healthy diet or the good rest. You should protect the eyes very much, not sitting in front of the computers or tvs or read books too much time with little rest.
  • Victor Lee


    Technically, the pin hole glasses DO work, to a limited extent. It has to do with the physics of how light passes through small holes. The problem is they only work in pretty bright lighting and you have to be looking directly at something to see it. Also, if you think you don't look good with regular glasses, you are going to look really silly wearing those pinhole glasses out in public. Wearing either kind of glasses is NOT going to "fix" your eyes, they only compensate for the problem while wearing them.

    On the internet, you might find various plans of eye exercises, eye vitamins, etc, NONE of these schemes have been scientifically proven to work, so don't waste your money.

    If there was some method, where people could fix their eyes at home for free, everybody would know about it and you wouldn't have all these people wearing glasses, contacts and getting laser surgery!

    There are TONS of cool glasses frames available, certainly there must be some style that you like (or hate least). If your local shops have a poor selection, try looking on, they have a humungous number of frames (even if you decide to get them elsewhere, it is a good place to see a lot of frames!) The site has really inexpensive glasses, you could get several pairs in different styles quite inexpensively.

    In theory, you could get contacts, if your eyes will tolerate them, you can handle taking care of them and you parents are OK with it.

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