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Why is my eye color getting darker?

I have found an interesting thing recently. My eye color is getting darker and darker. Does that mean I lack something such as vitamins or something else? I would appreciate a lot if somebody helps me.
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  • Sally


    In fact, the eye color of a person has been decided and stayed the same since he was one year old or less. There is a fat chance that you eye color change after you are 1, especially for adults.While some eye color like green and grey appear very different in different colored clothes. Go get changed and see if your eye color change with the clothes.
  • Jordan Brown


    Usually the color of the eye will not change and is determined by the genetic genes. If it has the change, you should take great notice of it and see whether you have the problems at the body health. You could eat more food with vitamin A and c to moisture the eyes. Maybe your dark color of the eyes is caused by the dryness of the eyes.
  • Nat


    Well, generally speaking, people are born with the certain eye color. And eye color will not change over time, except for some special reasons. And you should know that the color of the eye's iris can vary dramatically between individuals due to genetic differences. And adult individuals with light eye colors may experience gradual eye color change as they get older. And in common, the color of the eye may get darker because of changes in melanin production due to advanced age. So you can just check it with your own situation. By the way, according to some experts, when the eye color of an adult changes from blue to brown or brown to green dramatically, it is called heterochromia. So just be careful about it.