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Why do babies get eye boogers ?

My baby gets eye boogers every morning. Do I need to take her to the doctor? This is my first time to be a mom. I wish my baby could be healthy and happy.
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  • Mii


    You are a nice mother. Don't worry. It's normal for baby gets eye boogers as long as there are not too many. Possible reasons for babies who have mucus on her eyes include: 1.It is due to the direction of his growing eyelashes. It is likely that his growing eyelashes rub his eyes and stimulate them to secrete mucus. In this case, all you need is to gently wipe out the mucus with wet and warm towel. 2. If your baby is a newborn, she was born with a layer on her eyes called vernix caseosa which is the protection of her skin and will disappear itself. 3.If there are too many eye boogers every morning,she may be suffering from blocked tear duct.Wipe away the mucus and massage for her every morning. When this won't work, go to see a doctor.
  • Angela


    If you find the amount of the eye boogers is beyond the normal state, you could judge that your baby's eyes get the infection. You should not use the eye drops for her or him because the eyes of the baby are so sensitive. You'd better take him or her to the hospital to have a check as soon as possible. You should take care of the child's diet every day to make his or her eyes keep healthy.
  • Luis lewis


    At first, congratulation. It must be very hard but also happy to become a mom. And i am willing to help you solve this problem. Normally, it's common for baby to have eye dust in the morning that is called eye boogers. However, if the amount is over the normal quantity which may stick your baby's eyelid or eyelash and make your baby hardly open eyes, it is recommended that you should take him go to see the doctor as soon as possible inconsideration of his health, because his eyes may get infected. Sincerely hope your baby can be healthy and happy.

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