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What are the symptoms of glaucoma at the beginning?

I have an high eye pressure. One of my friends told me it is the beginning of glaucoma. Is that true? What are other symptoms of early glaucoma?
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  • Jen


    At the beginning of glaucoma, your eye pressure will increase. So, from this point, you are in high risks of glaucoma. Besides, if you suffer glaucoma, you may also feel the decreasing of vision and your narrow of your vision area especially at night. In addition, glaucoma can also cause headaches because of the increasing of eye pressure.
  • entivore


    There are several symptoms of glaucoma at the beginning, but they are always ignored by people because of their long-term bad living habit and take it as normal. There are many types of glaucoma because of different process of forming, but the pathology is the same, that is high intraocular pressure lead to blurred seeing, disgusting, constipation, even the worst blindness. People with hypertension, refraction errors and nervous tense are more likely to have glaucoma. At the beginning the intraocular pressure is undulant during the day. It's beyond the normal standard only for a few hours, so it's necessary to test the intraocular pressure more times everyday, so that we can know about the changing curve of the pressure. Another way is the examination of ocular fundus, because the pathologic change of retinal nerve fiber layer is earlier than the defect of visual field, which is the most important symptom for glaucoma diagnosis.


    In early period, people who get glaucoma may not feel bad or have symptoms. Patients often do not realize that they have got glaucoma. However, some people may appear symptoms such as fatigue, headache, fuzzy vision and so on. These symptoms can disappear after having a rest. So if you got the symptoms above, you should go to doctor immediately.

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