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misty C.


How to remove logo on eyeglasses frames?

I don't like the logo on my eyeglasses frames. Is there a solvent or chemical I can use to remove it?
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  • Randa Fritch


    If you want to remove logo from eyeglasses frames, Firstly, you must cover the lenses with a small towel. Wrap the towel all the way around the lenses to protect them from damage,then open the temple, or arm of the frame. Next, you should place the edge of an emery board or nail file on the edge of the letter or symbol you want to remove, and begin filing in very small movements, back and forth and rub the area where the logo was with very fine sandpaper to remove any traces and smooth the surface. At last, dust off the frame and remove the toweland repeat on the other temple if necessary.
  • Justin


    Yes, there are some sorts of solvents or chemicals that can help you to remove the logo on your eyeglasses frames. You should pay attention to several things. The first thing is to go to the formal glasses stores to buy the solvents or chemicals you need. Make sure they're qualified and can be used directly on the glasses frames. Secondly, remember to dilute the liquid before using them. At last, use certain tools or a piece of soft cloth to clean and finally remove the logo on the frames. Hope this will help you and good luck.
  • joel ph 9562914516


    enamel thinner is helpful for remove logo on eyeglass