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Carlos rodney


Am i in high risk of glaucoma if i spend about 9 hours on computer work everyday?

I heard that long time use of computer is one of the main reasons of glaucoma. And i work with computers everyday. So, i wonder am i in high risk of glaucoma?
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  • ct_exposed


    Yes, you are in high risk of glaucoma because you spend lots of time on computer everyday. A study shows that people who spend over 9 hours on computer work everyday are more likely to get glaucoma. Besides, if you also have nearsightedness, you are more likely to get glaucoma. in addition, glaucoma is genetic. If your one of your parents have glaucoma, you are likely to get glaucoma.
  • Brooke peters


    Yes, you are. For such a long period your eyes can't have a rest will certainly lead to fatigue of the ocular muscles. The circle of aqueous humor is baffled, the eye tissues cannot get enough fresh nutrient, and the intraocular pressure will always stay at a high level. Day after day the intraocular pressure will be undulant, which is the early symptom of glaucoma. So please take a break during your work.
  • DOUGLAS Fritch


    A study in Japan found that people who face to computer screen 9 hours a day for long term is twice easier to develop glaucoma than those who use computer less. In addition, myopia patients get high risk for glaucoma. Serious glaucoma may become blind. If you use computer frequently, you should go to hospital regularly for comprehensive examination. Here is tip for you to prevent glaucoma in day life. Let your eye rest for a while about every 20 minutes and keep your computer screen clean and suitable bright.

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