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Is glaucoma genetic?

My grandmother suffers from glaucoma, will my father get it? My father has bad vision.
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  • Robert Lipman


    Not exactly. Your parents have glaucoma not means you will be born with glaucoma. But you may more likely to suffer glaucoma compared with others. Besides, there are other factors that will increase the risk of glaucoma. In details. Age. Glaucoma often occurs to people over 50 years. Eye injury. Glaucoma more likely happen to people who have a history of serious eye injury Vision problem: Nearsightedness also increase the risk of glaucoma
  • Brian Clem


    Primary glaucoma is a kind of hereditary and familial disease. The risk of glaucoma in immediate family members is up to 5%-19%. People whose family has a glaucoma history will more likely get this disease, up to 50% high risk. However, many reasons can cause glaucoma such as body health, environment, age and so on. So, you should figure out what kind of glaucoma your father get, and then you can explain the risk your father will get glaucoma.