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What to do about wandering eyes?

Recently I find my child eyes don't always focus when she looks at an object. Is she having wandering eyes? What could be done?
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  • James


    According to your description, your child may got wandering eyes. Usually, wandering eyes are caused by the abnormality of an eye's neuromuscular control. I have read an article at, vision therapy can used to treat wandering eye. Besides, you can also use devices. for example, a patch over the good eye that can affected eye to strengthen its muscles. Hope this helps.
  • b2sweet16


    That is to say your child cannot concentrate. Actually, the parents should create a relatively quiet atmosphere for the kids, so that they can stretch their imagination while playing with toils and gradually develop a higher concentration. Don't give them toils too much at one time, which can also distract them.

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