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Do sunglasses make I look older?

I plan to buy a pair of sunglasses for looks, but my classmate suggested me not. She said that sunglasses can make people look older. Is that true? What's your onion?
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  • cristti


    Well, I quite understand your concern about the sunglasses. But as you can see, people from all over the world of different ages wear sunglasses on a regular basis if necessary and they are quite ok. Because currently, there are loads and loads of sunglasses that are suitable to different age groups available on the market, thus you have a lot of option from which to choose. Of course it is not true, there are also sunglasses for kids and youngsters.
  • Michael anderson


    No, it is not true. The sunglasses can prevent your eyes from uv rays and other bad lights. If you don't want to be looked older, you should not choose the black sunglasses. Now the sunglasses are regarded as the beauty tool for look. That is why a lot of stars wear the sunglasses to show the cool appearance. You could choose the sunglasses with fashionable and young appearance.