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How to get rid of a blocked eye gland?

Have you heard of blocked eye gland? Do you know how to treat it? Please help.
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  • christensengirl


    I have ever heard of blocked eye gland. As there are many tiny glands lining the upper and lower eyelids to secrete oil, which keeps the surface of the eye lubricating and moist, so when the glands are blocked, the layer of tears on the surface of the eye evaporates quickly, resulting in dry eyes, burning and itchy eyes. Under such circumstances, you can apply warm compresses over the eyes for five to ten minutes to loosen the blocked glands. Also, you can do some massage over the eyes gently several times a day. Do not rub or scratch your eyes and wash your hands often to keep them clean.
  • Emma


    We know that tear is very important to eyes. It is produced by glands in eyelids. Besides of water, it also contains lipids, mucus, anti-bacteria agents and protein. It could lubricate, clean, nourish eyes, kill bacteria in eyes and provide oxygen to eyes. If the glands are blocked, you might get blepharitis. First of all, you need to know blepharitis is a chronic disease although sometimes it tends to come and go naturally. You can apply some home remedies to help relieve it. Warm compress is good for blepharitis, because the warmth could help melt the oil congened in glands and make it produce lipids out. Clean the eyelids margin with warm water with baby shampoo or bicarobonate of soda. Soak a cotton bud in the solution and then clean the eyelids margin carefully and tenderly. Never try to sqeeze if you see any bump on the eyelid margin, which might make the infection or inflammation worse. And then you could massage your eyes tenderly with your fingertips (which should be cleaned thoroughly) or the cotton bud soaked with solution I introduced earlier. If necessary, you can get some anti-biotics ointment or some steroids eye drops to help.
  • Kelly


    Yes, I have heard of it which means that your gland system in the eyes is blocked. Your eyes may get watery. You should use the eyes drops with anti-inflammation to kill the coming bacterium. In addition, you could use the warm compress to make your eyes feel comfortable. You should take great care of this symptom to avoid the other problems at the eyes.

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