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Do lunar eclipses hurt your eyes?

Is it bad for the eyes to during lunar eclipses? How can lunar eclipses affect on eyes?
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  • Alexia charles


    Lunar eclipse means that the full moon goes into shadow over a period of hours and gives off a ghostly color, and it can become almost invisible, so lunar eclipse does no harm to the eyes. But if the eclipse happens during the day, it can do great harm to the eyes when people look at the sun directly under such circumstances.
  • Ieff


    Hello, as far as I know, lunar eclipses will not affect eyes now. It is true that most people thought that lunar eclipses can harm eyes and they usually wear eyeglasses to watch it before. While recently, experts say some it is unnecessary and it is safe to watch lunar eclipses without wearing eyeglasses. So just do not worry about that!
  • catgay2005


    No, you just worry too much about the lunar eclipses. Many people said it is not safe to watch the lunar eclipese, especially with naked eyes. So we can find people wearing dark sunglasses during the lunar eclipses in night. Experts say it is not necessay to wear sunglasses or any special designed eyeglasses to protect eyes during lunar eclipses. It is totally safe to watch the lunar eclipses with naked eyes. But as to solar eclipses in day time, you can't do this. We know that the strong sunrays and UV light could damage our eyes easily. It is a natural wonder that many people expect to experience, but a proper protection is required. You can read the piece reported by NASA, as the following linkage. It explained clearly why and how the solar eclipses could impact eyes.

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