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Do fluorescent lights cause eye strain?

Is it bad for eyes if you stay in a condition full of fluorescent lights. Will it cause eyes strain?
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  • Daniel gerard


    Fluorescent light is an inevitable stuff in our daily life, however, it can cause problems for those with light-sensitive eyes. Chronic headaches, pain and blurred vision are a few of the symptoms associated with eyestrain caused by fluorescent lighting. Fortunately, there are home remedies and products specifically designed to help reduce eyestrain. First thing for you is to avoid overusing your eyes, and then avoid fluorescent lights purposely. Use artificial tears to relieve your eyes when they get strained..
  • everybody_cares


    The condition full of fluorescent lights will cause your eyes strain. Your eyes will feel tired easily which will be bad for the eyes. You'd better close the eyes for a while to let them have the good rest for the eyes nerves. In addition, you could also use some eyes drops to release the eyes and let them feel comfortable.

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