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Are lacoste sunglasses made in china?

In recent years, i find many designer sunglasses are made in china. I just want to know whether lacoste sunglasses are manufactured in china or not. Do you think lacoste sunglasses are good?
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  • Shelby rodney


    Like Nike and Adidas which are made in China, many big brand sunglasses companies also set the branching companies at the developing countries, including the armani sunglasses, lacoste sunglasses and so on. In my own opinion, the lacoste sunglasses are good at both the design and the quality which are worthy to buy.
  • chopperkriss


    Yes, nowadays, lacoste sunglasses are made in china. But you should know that the brand of lacoste sunglasses is made in S.A. and nowadays, it becomes more and more popular in china. So you can see many people who are wearing this kind of sunglasses. I have not worn lacoste sunglasses. But according to many other users, lacoste sunglasses have good quality and they make you feel comfortable when you wear them. So maybe it will be a good choice to have ones.
  • Ryan


    Well, it is true that some designer sunglasses brands choose to set up their factories in China or put it another way, sign production contract with many Chinese manufactures you know? So, I mean, Lacoste is no exception, since in this way, they are able to make larger profits, meanwhile, the quality could also be guaranteed which should not make you worry. Personally speaking, Lacoste is really fantastic , I find it worth buying.