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Are there any good ways to deal with sore eyes?

i just got sore eyes this morning and they are a bit irritated now. Does anyone know safe ways to treat sore eyes? Thanks a lot.
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  • consilium_capit


    A sore eye may be caused by an infection, allergies, dry eyes, foreign object, injury or irritation from contact lenses. You are recommended to do according to the following steps to avoid the risk of permanent vision loss. First, go to a eye doctor to make sure what is the cause of your sore eyes. Second, if your sore eyes result from infection, you should take antibiotics and complete the full course to make sure the infection is completely gone. Thirdly, you may apply lubricating drops to restore moisture to your eye or a warm compress to relieve the pain and reduce swelling. Besides, tea bags are a wonderful choice to treat your sore eyes. Make sure to take regular breaks from your computer and television and close your eyes.
  • erraticgothles


    It may be eyestrain. Eyestrain can be caused by excessive use of vision. I can recommend you some methods to deal with sore eyes. First, adjust the light. When you read books in din light, it will not hurt your eyes, but if the light does not provide enough contrast, it will make your eyes fatigue. So you should use the sift light with clear/dark contrasts. Second, timely rest, if you work in front of the computer for 6-8 hours, you should have 2-3 hours' rest or just let your eyes away from the computer for 10-15 minutes. Third, adjust the brightness of the computer screen. The fonts and figures on the computer screen like a small light bulb, which directly beat your eyes. Therefore, you need to adjust the brightness. Fourth, let your eyes have enough rest. Finally, blink frequently. Eyelid is your private eye masseur. Blink 300 times a day can help clean the eye and give the eye a massage.
  • walkthewalk46


    The sore eyes are also known as pink eyes, or conjunctivitis. It's a common eye vision, which means the infection of the eyeball and inner eyelid. You would feel discomfort about the pink eye, and your eyes would be redness. Then, you would feel that it's not easy to open eyes because of the eyelid is pasted after sleeping. Even your eyes would feel painful. In general, the treatment of the sore eyes is not that difficult. One easiest way of treating sore eyes is using a slice of cucumber over the eyes for half an hour. Or you can add a bit of salt in boiled water and utilizing cotton ball to place over the sore eyes for 5 minutes to get relief. Additionally, you can place the cotton ball with fresh milk on your eyes for a few minutes. It can reduce the itchiness and redness of the pink eyes. On the other hand, you can use some eye drops to eliminate the bacterial and virus of sore eyes if you feel the pink eye is serious.