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Logan hall


Should I take an eye exam for cosmetic contact lenses?

i plan to buy cosmetic contact lenses to make my eyes look bigger. My question is, should i take any eye test before i buy cosmetic contact lenses? Are there any dangers to wear cosmetic contact lenses?
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  • Carlos


    If you just want to wear cosmetic contact lenses for looks and needn't vision aids, you may buy them without eye exam. But if you want to correct your vision as well as enhance your look with cosmetic contact lenses, you need to take eye exam for prescription that use for buying cosmetic contact lenses. But for the sake of your eyes, you'd better check your eyes first before you buy cosmetic contact lenses.
  • Jen


    Not all of people are suitable for wearing cosmetic contact lenses. People with conjunctivitis, keratitis, trachoma and other eye diseases are not suitable to wear these contact lenses. Different people have different curvature of eyeballs, only when the base arcs of cosmetic contact lenses match with your eyeballs, you can feel comfortable when wearing the cosmetic contact lenses. So you need to go to the hospital to have a careful examination, then according to the actual situation of your eyes to select appropriate cosmetic contact lenses. In addition, cosmetic contact lenses have many brands, you should choose a regular brand, if you are in strict accordance with the requirements to wear these contact lenses, it will not harmful to your eyes.
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