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Paige evelyn


What contact lenses are suitable for sports?

I love basketball so much. I wear regular prescription glasses in my daily life. Now i plan to buy contact lenses while playing basketball. What types of contact lenses are good for sports? Or any brand to recommend? Thanks in advance.
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  • catgay2005


    According to what you said, I will recommend you to choose a kind of contact lenses called RGP or GP lenses which are designed for full-time wear and have several advantages over soft contact lenses. First, GP lenses are rigid so they can offer better correction of astigmatism and other corneal abnormalities; Second, GP lenses can offer better comfort for longer periods of wearing; Third, GP lenses can stay clean longer and do not absorb tears from your eyes. You may have a try. To sum up, when you choose contact lenses for sports, you should take the UV protection, comfort and convenience into account.
  • walkthru


    You can choose daily disposable contact lenses, RGP contacts, tinted contact lenses, etc. if you do not spend time cleaning and storing contact, you can choose daily disposable contact lenses. After wearing it, just throw it. If you often play basketball outside, you can choose tinted sports glasses that can block out strong rays and offer your better comfort. No matter what contact lenses you choose, quality is top priority. ACUVUE is a good brand you can choose.