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Is it possible that we are color blind in one eye?

Can people be color blind in only one eye? I don't know, the thought just occurred to me. Does anyone have similar experience? If so, how do you treat color blindness?
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  • Cary Green


    People with color blindness will have different to see red, green or blue colors. It may occurs in one eyes because of an outside influence. It is rare. And i never hears that people are born with that way. Till now, there is no known treatment for color blindness. But i heard that there are special contact lenses and glasses that may help people with color blindness tell the difference between similar colors. Hope this help.
  • Sara


    The study shows that the color blind disease can be genetic, usually more men than women. According to your description, you may be color weakness or rare color blind. Color blindness is generally refers to some visually disorders, where the red-green color blind is more common. According to this reason, the color blind corrective lens design and develop, including contact lenses and ordinary wide frame two. Both correction of color blind or color weakness have outstanding results. Invisible color blind glasses because of the better privacy are popular among people. As for specialized treatment of color blind, It can be said that there is not.

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