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Does glaucoma cause optic nerve damage?

Can glaucoma damage your optic nerve? How does that happen?
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    Yes. Glaucoma can cause damages to the optic nerve. In fact, some people defined glaucoma as a group of eye diseases that cause nerve damages. And you shall treat your glaucoma activity if you was diagnosed with glaucoma. If you let it untreated, it is likely cause more serious injuries about your eyes. Some people even go blind because of untreated glaucoma. So, take it serious in case you got glaucoma. Consult an eye doctor if you suffered from glaucoma so as to stop or cure it in early time.
  • Isabel cook


    Yes, glaucoma is a diseases causing optic damages. The optic nerve is a part of eyes that response for carrying visual information from the eyes to the brain. So, glaucoma is considered a serious eye disease because it causes some vision problems. Besides, people who suffered from glaucoma often experience pain in the eyes. And it is difficult to find glaucoma in early time. So, take a regular eye check is very important even if you think you have a heath eyes and perfect vision.