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Caroline hill


What does it feel like to have glaucoma?

How can I know if I have got glaucoma? Any symptoms?
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    Some people will get glaucoma because of some kinds of other eye diseases and sometimes not be caused by eye diseases. You know, some other kinds of other diseases can also cause glaucoma. Besides, people can also reach this eye diseases from myopia or nearsightedness so you really need to be careful.
  • Sally


    Glaucoma is a serious diseases that often happen to people over age 40. And the diseases is also associated with a buildup of pressure inside the eye. And glaucoma may also to be inherited. And people who suffered from glaucoma usually suffered from pain in the eyes sometimes. Besides, people may see halos around lights or narrow vision. In some serious condition, some people even suffered from vision loss. In addition, the eyes may also appear redness. Nausea or vomiting are possible happen to people suffered from glaucoma.

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