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Kelly Dalton


Can eye drops help cataracts?

I am told that eye drops can help with cataracts, is that true?
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  • Jon


    Cataracts is a very common eye diseases. It often occurs to people over 40 years old. To help them, there is a type of eye drops that can help people with cataracts. You can consult your eye doctor for the eye drops so as to help the eyes. Besides, you can also take Cataracts surgery that can help you cure cataracts.
  • Rebecca


    Although cataracts are not completely preventable, their occurrence can be delayed. Quitting smoking, avoiding overexposure to sunlight, avoiding excessive amounts of alcohol, and eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables are important protective measures. There is no proof that using eye drops or ointments or performing eye exercises can prevent the onset of cataracts.
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