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Can eye makeup cause blindness?

I wear eye makeup every day and recently I have heard that it can cause me to go blind, is that true?
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  • Mariah shelley


    I didn't heard that eye makeup cause blindness. But improper use of eye makeup or some inferior eye makeup may cause some eye problems such as eye infection or eye allergy etc. So, don't worry, wearing eye makeup everyday won't make you go blind. But you shall use some good eye makeups. Also, you shall not share any eye makeup with others for the sake of your eye health.
  • Isabel fergus


    No, just eye makeup will not make you go blind. But it is very possible that it can get you an eye irritation so that you had better make sure you will not be sensitive to eye makeup. It is said that there are several kinds of good makeup can help u to prevent this from happening. By the way, u also need to be very careful when you plan to wear your makeup after contatcs cuz contacts can also cause your blindness.