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How to choose eyeglass frame color?

I want to buy a pair of glasses for my sis, but I don' t know what color of frame should I choose? can anyone give me some suggestions?
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  • Gabriella


    If you are choosing eyeglass frame color, you should take skin tone, hair color, eye color and dressing style into consideration. If you have warm toned skin, you should choose gold, tortoise, brown and aqua frames. If your skin has cool undertones, frames with silver, black, grey and purple colors can make you look pretty. If you have black, red, grey or light blond hair, you can try lighter color frames, for example light blue, amber and grey. Tan, brown, gold and copper frames fit for people with brown, dark red and blond hair. About eye color, you can refer to the cool and warm tone suggestion mentioned above. The frame color should also match with the clothes you regularly wear. The tone suggestion is applicable here. If you are confused about choosing frame color, you can try rimless glasses which universally fit for all appearance traits.
  • Otis Crockett


    As to the color of the glass frame, there are three kinds of colors that are the most popular. The color of black is an all-match color, which means it is easy to match othe dress and personal adornment, and you do not have to consider too much about their colors. As the time of summer is coming with the whether becoming hotter and hotter, you can choose cool and refreshing colors such as blue, color, and white. People whose skin color is white and who wish to look active and lively can choose gorgeous colors such as pink, yellow. The red and black, transparent blue make the people look decent. The choice of the color of the glasses should depends on the character that the person would like to reflect. If the person is gentle and quiet, choose the low-profile style like black color. If the person wants to seem like high-profile and make public or alternative, choose bright color with special decorative pattern. If the person wishes to be mature and retro, golden metal or hawksbill material can be good choice. In addition to the color, the shape of the glasses is also very important. Just remember the basic rule--the round-shape frame match the square faces, while the square glasses match round faces.
  • Dylan


    Well, generally speaking, it is important to choose the right color for the eyeglasses frames. In common, the color of eyeglasses frame will just affect the image of the own glasses. In common, it is related with your skin color. For example, if you are people who have dark color skin, I will suggest you go and choose light color frames. In that way, it will just balance your skin color and your frame color. And then, it will just increase the image. When you are someone whose skin is light, it will be easier for you to choose the frame. For example, you can just choose black, red, and even some colorful frames. By the way, when choose the eyeglasses frames, your face shape should be considered too.