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Michelle leonard


Does stress cause cataracts?

It is said that stress can cause cataracts, so what can I do to prevent that from happening.
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  • Armand


    It is true that stress can cause cataracts. Emotional stress can turn into physiological change, and this process is called "transduction". So if you are suffering emotional stress every day, you are prone to get other physical diseases, such as hypertension, asthma and eye diseases. The alcoholism brought by stress can also be the cause of cataracts. If you are under stress from work or life, it is imperative for you to relieve yourself from stress. You can participate in various activities you like, such as dancing, singing and gardening. A healthy diet is also important. You should eat more food with low calorie and large amount of vitamin B. As for the beverage, colas and fruit juices should be avoided. Consult a psychologist if necessary.
  • crystaljade


    In recent years, young people have greater and greater possibility to get cataracts, which gradually changes the old conception that only when people get old, can they get cataracts. This is because of the great stress and overuse of the eyes in the modern society among the young people. The more people use their eyes, the more the get nearsighted, which makes the rate of getting cataracts go up. Generally speaking,the eye light of people will not change very much when they get to twenty years old. But if they suddenly suffer from higher degrees of the nearsightedness, it may be a sign of getting cataracts. The sooner the cataracts are diagnosed, the sooner they are treated, and the more possible they are successfully cured. For those who have got high myopia, they should avoid the strong ultraviolet irradiation, and they should eat foods which are rich in vitamins and proteins. Besides, people with high myopia should take exact opometry and prescription, as well as going on moderate sport training. Pay attention to allow adequate time of rest and sleep for the eyes; do not overuse the eyes.
  • Pete


    Well, yes, stress can just lead to cataracts. So you need to try some ways to relax yourself. Generally speaking, a cataract can be described simply as an opaque spot on the lens of the eye that you cannot see through. In some cases, you seem to be looking through a cloud or a haze. And that can become serious with time. And finally, blindness will occur too. And there are some factors which can lead to it, such as stress, smoking, drinking and so on. For stress, you should have a good rest first. Also, do not overuse your eyes for a long time. That can be very essential.

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