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which eye drops are best for your eyes?

These days, I got swelling eyes. My friend suggest me to use eye drops. However, I do not know what kind of eye drops are best for me now. Is there any suggestion?
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  • Erin


    Before you decide to use eye drops, you need to make sure the cause of your swelling eyes. As I know that the eyes usually become sore because they're dry, strained, tired or just plain overused. For this causes, lubricating eye drops may provide relief for eye irritation from visual stresses such as crying, eye discharge related to allergies and swelling from inflammation and allergies. However, if your eyes are sore a lot, you should have an eye exam to see if your vision needs correcting for nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism or presbyopia.
  • betty


    Over-the-counter eye drops can be helpful for people whose eyes are dry, irritated,red, or swelling. But it's important to use the right eye drops in the right way to get the relief you seek and to prevent eye infections. However, according to your question, personally I think you do not need to use eye drops. Your eyes will be better naturally and your swelling eyes will be gone when you have a good rest and cold compress. Hope this helpful.

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