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Does low blood sugar cause blurred vision?

I just hears people say low blood sugar can cause dizzy. Can low blood sugar cause blurred vision?
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  • Savannah


    Hypoglycemia, which means the glucose level is too low, will have some effects on our brain: It may make us confused, and have some abnormal behavior or prevent us from completing routine tasks. It may cause some visual disturbances, such as double vision and blurred vision Or it can lead to loss of consciousness. And here are some other symptoms that hypoglycemia is supposed to cause, such as heart palpitations , shakiness, anxiety, sweating, hunger or tingling sensation around the mouth. If you appear to have these symptoms, you need to visit the doctor. And what we can do in our daily life is to keep a steady supply of sugar in order to make our body function properly.
  • Jack taylor


    Blurred vision is one of the signs and symptoms of low blood glucose. If your glucose level becomes too low, it can cause visual disturbances, like dizzy, double vision and blurred vision. With the further development of the disease, patient might be confusion, even consciousness. For hypoglycemia patients, try to eat regularly and bring some candy or biscuit in bag in case of low blood sugar.
  • Katelyn owen


    Yes, it can. Serious hypoglycemia can harm the cardiovascular such as fast heart rate, increased pulse pressure, myocardial ischemia, angina pectoris, even myocardial infarction. In addition, it can also damage the nervous system, the cerebral cortex inhibition. It can cause the hazy consciousness , weak directional force sensibility, lethargy, vibration, mental disorder and so on. And it can damage the eyes and kidney, leading to the retinal detachment and eyeground hemorrhage. Thus, if you have the low blood sugar, you'd better intake a lot of sugar for yourself.