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Can pregnancy cause puffy eyes?

Is it possible to get puffy eyes because of pregnancy? Why? How long will it last?
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  • b3autyqu33nof17


    Yes, during the pregnant period, the women may easily get the puffy eyes because of the unstable eye pressure and eye nerves. Usually the eyes will not excrete the tears in the normal way. The eyes will feel dry. However, the puffy eyes will get disappear after about one week if the pregnant woman gets the healthy diet and good pace of life habit.
  • walker


    The answer is absolutely yes, and generally speaking, it's quite normal for the pregnant. There is a professional interpretation. During pregnancy, the circulation of our metabolism will slow down, the thickness of cornea is increase which make it is more hard to burst into tears. At the same time, the uterus contains a lot of amniotic fluid, both of them are easily lead to a puffy eyes. In addition, if the pregnant so exhausted that couldn't have enough rest she was supposed, the condition can be worse. In a word, a good rest is of the essence. Get enough sleep and general nutrition without thinking too much, and then, after 3 to 5 months at most, your puffy eyes will disappear certainly.