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What can cause puffy eyes in children?

I find that my son got puffy eyes. What cause it? Is there anything i can do to help him?
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  • David garcia


    Does your son drink a lot of water before the sleep? Usually, too much intake of water before the sleep may cause the puffy eyes. Or the decreased body immune system will cause this. You could let your son eat more food with vitamin A and C to make the eyes and body moisture. The most important one is to have a good sleep.
  • emily_xoox


    Don't worry, it's quite common to see this symptom in the child. Several reasons might lead to this situation. The ordinary cause is drinking too much before go to bed. Owing to the sleep, there is a fewer amount of activity , at the seem time, a slower process of metabolism we will have, which eventually give a rise to a puffy eyes in the morning . Meanwhile, an eye allergy can also explain this symptom. An allergic reaction can occur while we are in contact with allergens such as pollen, dust, mold, animal hair and another substance. However, kidney is the essence of a puffy eyes. So just take your child to the hospital to have a physical examination if he don't feel better after massaging his eyes with fingers or changing everything he always gets in touch.
  • anderson


    In children, the causes of puffy eyes are allergies, trauma to eyes and neurological disorders. Among these causes, the most cause is allergies. So if you want to help your children treat puffy eyes, firstly, you should see a doctor to figure out what causes of puffy eyes in your children. Second, ask your children to take some medications such as antihistamines and medicated eye drops following the instruction of the doctor. And you can buy protective glasses for your children to avoid trauma to their eyes.