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Ariana kirk


What causes dry eyes in children?

My kids said that he feel very dry eyes and need eye drops. Is that work? What causes the dry eyes in children?
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  • comingoutloud


    If your kid feels dry at the eyes, you'd better prepare the food with vitamin A and C to make his eyes get moisture. In addition, you could choose the eye drops to help him get the release. However, this is not the basic treatment. You just let him drink more water and eat more food with vitamin C and A.
  • Jordan Brown


    Eye drops can relieve the symptom in some ways, but they can not solve the problem radically. As far as I know, there are various causes that could give rise to dry eyes with children. The most common reason for your child's age group is overusing of his eyes. Just like watching TV several hours without a rest, usually playing computer games stay up late and even a bad reading habit, which will distinctly prolong the time of tear-film's evaporation, eventually result in dry eyes. Besides, being short of vitamin A is also the reason. Therefore, having a good balance between his entertainment time and rest time is the direct and effective way. Meanwhile, more diets which contain vitamin A should be available. Persist in taking above measures, a few days later, you will see changes.
  • walkendeath


    A dry eye means a lack of enough tears. There are mainly five reasons why children have dry eyes. First, inflammatory conditions including Sjogren's syndrome, graft-versus-host disease can cause children with diminished tear production. Second, congenital disorders can cause dry eye in children as familial dysautonomia can affect the autonomic nervous system. Third, poor nutrition can cause dry eye. If a child lacks vitamin A, it can cause clinical signs and symptoms of dry eyes. Fourth, diabetes can cause dry eye in children as well. Children under 20may get type 1 diabetes or type 2 diabetes. Fifth, medication, environmental factors and ocular can cause dry eyes as well. Exposure to low humidity, blink rate during video game usage and contact lenses can easily get your eyes dry. To treat dry eye, parents can change their children's diet to a diet high in iron, cystic fibrosis and in animal sources. They can emphasize habitual dosing around everyday occurrence such as breakfast, lunch, dinner, bedtime and the time their children play computer. Though eye drops can relieve the situation, but the best way to treat dry eye is take their children to the hospital to see a doctor.