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Caroline bell


Do nearsighted glasses make your eyes look smaller?

I hear my friend say wearing nearsighted glasses make eyes look smaller. Is that true? IS there any way to make my eyes look big if i wear nearsighted eyeglasses?
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  • griffin


    It basically the problem of the nearsighted lenses, the stronger the prescription, the smaller the eyes seem to be. For the vice versa, the farsighted lenses will increase the eyes appearance. If your prescription is moderate, you may no need to worry about it. But if the prescription is strong, it truly will be problem for you. The way to make your eyes look big is to make up; the eyeliner will increase the eyes looking. Or, you can wear contacts even with colors; the effect will be very obvious. The last way for you, is Laser surgery. They are pros and cons for your choice, you decide!
  • Kevin


    On the contrary, by wearing glasses, a person's eyes will be looking bigger, because in this way, large frame will give people an illusion that who they are meeting have bigger eyes. So, it is pointless that glasses make eyes look smaller. But when you're going to buy a pair of glasses, you should take the person's overall figure and style into consideration, so that you wouldn't choose the wrong type of glasses, a few kinds of frames will make eyes look smaller, so avoid them and everything will be fine. It doesn't have anything to do with nearsighted eyeglasses. So, you only have to choose the right frame.
  • cherrygaru


    Yes, it is true. The prescription eyeglasses will make you eyes look smaller through the lenses because of the reflecting effect. Myopia, especially medium and high myopia, will make your eye axis get longer and eyeball become bigger.Once your get the myopia of 3.00 degrees, your eyeball will bulge a 1 mm. If you want to make your eyes look bigger, you can wear the contact lenses which will not only make your eyes feel normal but also help you see the vision clearly.
  • Omenb


    I think it depends on the lenses. I know a girl who wears these glasses that makes her eyes HUGE (like funny huge) but when she takes her glasses they're not that size at all. Everyone's different, but usually the eye size (appearance I mean) is usually the same.