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Paige williams


Where can i buy black glasses like Lester Holt's?

Where can i find the black eyeglasses that like Lester Holt often wears? Are they expensive?
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  • walkingwolf2004


    The black eyeglasses that like Lester Holt often wear is Robert Marc French handmade glasses. With high-quality materials, this brand is known for layering contrasting and complementary colors and patterns. You can search over the Internet to find such glasses, because there are some premium sites which offers good quality glasses with discount offers.
  • hill


    Well, from what I know, Lester Holt is quite popular in the United States for his achievements and contributions. Anyway, as far as I know, the type of glasses he often wears in the public is called nerd glasses, with black rims, which makes appear to be more erudite and cool. Typically, a pair of the glasses at Walmart, a good place for glasses, would not cost you a lot, just prepare 100 dollars and it would be ok.
  • Richard


    Lester Holt is born in March 8, 1959. He is an American news journalist who anchors the weekend editions of NBC's Today and Nightly News. He wears the black eyeglasses which makes him look so handsome. You could go to the online store to search such type. You could go to the amazon to have a look because the price there is suitable.