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What are benefits of anti glare glasses?

When i buy eyeglasses, an optician asks me if i want to make anti glare glasses. I have no idea. So i want to know what are benefit of anti glare eyeglasses. Can you explain to me? Thanks.
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  • campbell


    Our eyes in the sunshine are fragile. Some of the harsh light from sun is harm for the eye. For example, blue light will lead the chronic depletion and degeneration of the retina. And Blue-ray can cause blurred vision, resulting in visual fatigue. What’ worse, it will influence the quality of our sleeping. So it is wise to get one for our eyes. It will effectively escape the problem mentioned above. If you want to buy one, you can check
  • Werner


    Compared with the common eyeglasses, the anti glare eyeglasses have one most advantage that can be special. The special advantage of it is its good light-admitting quality which will not let the limited light just reflect directly when coming into the lenses. If you want to buy the eyeglasses, the anti-glare ones may be the suitable choice.
  • Kimberly quick


    Anti-glare glasses are eyeglasses with a special anti-reflective coating that is placed on the lens. There are many benefits when you are wearing anti-glare glasses. One of the most obvious advantages of it is the ability to reduce eye strain in natural or artificial light and minimize reflection. For example, people who don't adjust the artificial light of a computer can benefit from the anti-glare glasses. On the other hand, you can wear the anti-glare during the night time for anti-reflecting film. It can decrease the reflection of street lamps and vehicle headlights. Hence, it's a good and effective tool to reduce reflection from various lights.
  • lINNE


    Anti-reflective coating on lenses offers many benefits to the vision of an individual. It gives you sharper vision especially when driving during the night. This coating is also very effective when applied on sunglasses. When sunglasses have anti-reflective coating, it eliminates the reflection of sunlight glare from your eyes.
    when you use glasses with anti-reflective coating while using the computer for prolonged hours, it also lessens the strain on eyes. Eyeglasses without this coating are not as effective as the ones with AR coating.
    You do get ready to wear AR coating that is factory applied. When it comes to progressive lenses and bifocal lenses, etc. the coating is applied according to your prescription. So if you are planning to buy a new pair of new Glasses, consider get one with anti-reflective lenses.