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What can cause double vision in one eye only?

I feel double vision in one of my eyes. What caused that?
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    The sudden increase of intra-ocular pressure may cause the one eye with double vision. This can be caused by your hard work which needs you to do a lot of work in front of computers. That is to say you have to use your eyes excessively with little rest. Or the drinking too much alcohol may also cause the high pressure of eyes which makes the surface of the eyes not being able to burden. Thus, you'd better go to see the doctor and have the check.
  • b0ys_r_gay


    Double vision is a classic symptom of astigmatism. Go to the formal hospital, consult a professional optist and ask him to give you some advices. Excessive use of eyes, like reading, watching TV, can also result in the problem. So, relax the eyes, overlook or stretch your body after a period of time.
  • Nancy


    There are various factors could cause double vision, which could present in both eyes and just one eye. In the case of double vision in one eye, there are a few eye disorders can cause it. Firstly, cataracts are a common eye problem for aging people. In the early stages when the cataract is small, it may distort vision to the point that double vision occurs in the affected eye. And the muscles that control eye movement become weak or damaged, thus the eye will not be able to move to interpret images properly. This could lead to double vision in one eye only. Additionally, astigmatism and dry eye are two conditions that can make double vision in one eye.

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