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How to stop eyes from watering when wearing makeup?

When i use eyeliners, my eyes watering much. Why? How to stop my eyes from watering when you makeup.
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  • Sybil


    The symptom of watering from eyes when using the eyeliners must be caused by your sensitive skin and the irritating smell from the eyeliners. The eye surrounding skin is so sensitive that needs our special protection. You may not be suitable to make up. You can try to change another brand of eyeliner and see whether you still water. Or else, you can use the facial tissue to block the nose which will indirectly stop the irritating smell into the eye nerves. You could have a try.
  • David cook


    About how to stop your eyes from watering when you are doing makeup. Yes, we are the same that I'm also wearing contacts while makeup. The mascara cream which I use is za, the eye liner is maybelline of black one. The makeup remover, I use C & B. Because of the contacts wearing, I need to pay more attention for the eyes care. Avoid the scream get into your eyelids at your best. The cosmetic must be made up from the natural plants essence. The minimal makeup is the popular trends nowadays and it may suit the people with you and me, who usually wear contacts. Use clean water to wipe out the remains of cosmetics after party. You can have a try.

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