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Do contact lenses steam up?

My eyeglasses always steam up when i cooking. So, i wonder if contact lenses steam up if i wear it when i cook.
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  • elblancodiablo


    From what you said I can see that you are not happy with the foggy lenses while you are cooking or doing something ,because that is really annoying. Anyway, the truths is , contact lenses would not get foggy whatever the conditions because they are right on your eyeballs, you see your eye balls get foggy? So, try to get a pair of nice contact lenses if necessary. But there might be some negative impacts on your eyes if you rely on them .
  • elen_t


    No, your contact lenses will not steam up if you wear when you cook. It is worn directly on the surface of the eye balls. They are not like the eyeglasses. However, you could use the soap to adopt on the surface of the lenses of the eyeglasses to wash it and then dry it with your clean cloth which will prevent the foggy symptom. You could have a try. Or else, you could wear the contact lenses when you cook.
  • Marc


    Contact lenses do not steam up, and this is one of the many advantages of them. Contact lenses do not distort or block your view in focus. Eyeglasses with frames often barricade your vision while contact lenses do not. Contact lenses have the ability to correct all types of vision such as single, astigmatism and multi-focal. Compared to eyeglasses, contact lenses do not produce glare when you look at bright light. Contact lenses are convenient for doing sports because they do not drop or break. What is more important for you is that contact lenses do not steam up when you do the cooking.
  • Falcon


    Take it easy, if you wear contact lenses, it won't steam up when you cooking. The principle of eyeglasses steam up is caused by the temperature difference between your glasses lenses and surrounding. But contact lenses in your eyes and your eyelid have a function of moisture factor. It can remove the fog when you blink your eyes.