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Why are contacts so hard to remove?

I feel difficult to take off my contact lenses. Do you have such experiences? What causes it? Any tips that can help me remove my contact lenses from my eyes?
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  • Michelle


    I have no such experience. My contact lenses are always easy to remove. The reason for your problem is that your eyes are too dry, thus lacking the moisture acting as lubrication in the process of removing the contact lenses. When you have difficulty in removing the contact lenses, stay calm and make a plan. First of all, you should have a rest and wash your hands. Then add some eye drops to your dry eyes, and roll your eyes up, down, left and right. After this procedure, your lenses will be removed normally. If it does not work, then try again. You can also remove the lenses by pinching them out instead of the way you normally use.


    Well, it looks like you have got some trouble in removing your contact lenses, I can feel that maybe you have little experience of wearing them. So, the cause of your problem maybe your lack of practice and patience. And secondly, it is likely that your eyes are much too dry which would generate such problem. So you could try to get some eye drops and make proper use of both your eyes and your contact lenses. Try not to use them frequently and improve your eye health as much as possible.
  • carpediem__


    When you find that it is difficulty for you to take off the contact lenses, your contact lenses may be sticky to the eye balls because of the sticky water in the eyes which is caused by the tear glands system. You could use your finger to put some solution and then touch the surface of the contact lenses. It will help you remove the contact lenses from the eyes easily.