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How to stop glasses from getting dirty?

My eyeglasses is easy to get dirty. Any way can prevent it? I hate clean my eyeglasses frequently.
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  • Gabriella


    More and more people need glasses to improve our eyesight or make more misterious among the people. Actually, types of glasses help us indeed. However, we are bothered by the dirty of glassses. For this situation, we should protect them from dirty things immediately. For the detailed information is as follows: Clean them using running water and a teeny drop of dish detergent. Pay attention to not to use the Windex or anything with ammonia for your cleaning, or it will lead to some damages for your glasses. After cleaning, rub both sides of the lenses and the nose pieces with some soft cloth. During the cleaning course, you could also use some soap with the warm water, it is more effective for cleaning glasses. Then, you could use soft teethbrushes to clean the nose pads. Your glasses will be clean through these ways which take easily in few minutes. Hope this will help you.
  • amanda


    Well, it seems that you are very annoyed by having to clean your lenses from time to time. Yes I quite agree because I feel the same way. Anyway, I should remind you that there are currently some good glasses on the market that would make you less annoyed, they are called anti-static glasses. With a pair of them, you could be enabled to clean your glasses less frequently. Just take a look at Amazon or Ebay, such online shopping site provide lots of them with affordable prices.
  • eatmyhartout


    Your eyeglasses are easy to get dirty. Maybe your surrounding environment is full of dust or other things which may be bad for your eyes. You could use little amount of soap on the surface of the eyeglasses which could keep the clean degree of the lenses. At the same time, it will prevent the foggy symptom. You could wash it and dry it with the clean cloth to have a try.
  • Victor Lee


    The best thing I use to wash glasses is warm water and that foamy Bath & Body Works soap for the bathroom - works like magic. But I suspect what will help even more is if you keep the skin on your face really moisturized with some sort of lotion before you put your glasses on. What a lot of people think is dust is actually bits of flaky skin, especially this time of year when humidity is down and people's skin gets drier.
    Most likely it's being caused by your anti-glare coating (even though you say you've had the coating before). There are about 5 or 6 different types of anti-glare coating, and each optometrist's office and/or optical lab has their preferences for which one they use. Some are more prone to smudging than others, and it gets worse as they age (glasses with anti-glare coating should be replaced after 2 years). Check with your optometrist or your optical lab and see if you can try a different "brand" of anti-glare coating next time.
  • bigail


    Keep cleaning them with the cloth you are provided. Try to clean them daily and don%u2019t slack off because if you do then it will get even dirtier.