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Anthony cecil


Can i wear glasses in a passport photo?

I am going to take a photo for a passport. I wonder if i can wear my eyeglasses when i take the photo? I have high myopia and can see nothing without eyeglasses.
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  • walkinalone


    Yes, you can wear your glasses as usual. As we all known, passport can identify people's real status, like age, nationality. There is one item on the passport that is a formal colored photo. It has standard for both cloth and appearance, including wearing glasses. However, some people would have to wear glasses due to some eye problems. It's allowed for those people to wear glasses as usual in their passport photos, but not wearing glasses containing dark lenses, unless it's needed for medical reasons, which require a medical certificate as proof. The glare on glasses is not acceptable as well.
  • Michelle leonard


    According to the guidelines of Passport photo requirements for official travel documents and identification cards: If you wear glasses, make sure your eyes are fully visible (i.e. no reflections on glasses) In case of doubt, the best thing is to just take off your glasses Tinted glasses and sunglasses are not allowed
  • innay


    Of course you can. With glasses is your normal look and that is how you should be in your passport photo.
    As long as they are not dark tinted or of an outrageous style that covers a large part of your face.