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Is coconut water good for eyes?

Will take more coconut water good for eyes? What benefits can they get from it?
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  • walerie


    Yep, it's good for eye health. The coconut water is naturally low in calories and fat-free, which contains various nutrition and minerals, such as vitamin C, potassium. The high potassium and low sodium content of coconut water could help lower high blood pressure, reduce eye pressure as well. That is to say, coconut water can cure glaucoma. And it can carry nutrition and oxygen to cells to keep eye health to treat other eye problems.
  • enycelilbabii


    The coconut oil has the function of running cardiopulmonary, clearing irascibility, eyes, puring the liver and brighting the eyes. Therefore, often drinking coconut milk do a lot of benefits to the eyes, letting the eyes clear. Thus you'd better drink coconut water after watching TV, playing games and so on.
  • carminerobert


    The coconut water is a very good beverage for your health. There are many kinds of nutrients contained within it. Such as various multi-amino acids, vitamin B and C, E, VE. And full of carotene and vitamin A. The nutrients are very comprehensive which called by person that "plant milk". As your eyes, it needs you to eat some supplement or fruits which full of Vitamin A & B, and carotene. They are the necessary nutrients which would protect your eyes everyday. Especially, if your work will ask you use computer in a long time, the coconut water which contains these nutrients will be very helpful to your eyes health.