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Does corneal abrasion heal on its own?

I guess i got corneal abrasion. Will it heal on its own? Or i need to see a doctor and take some medicine?
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  • crush_star


    Corneal abrasion means a scratch on the eye's cornea. There are many situations can cause a corneal abrasion, such as something gets into eye, infections, poked in the eye and some unknown results. Corneal abrasion caused by get something into eye do not need see a doctor and it can recover only after rinsing foreign matter out of eye. And you should see an eye doctor as soon as possible if it is caused by some serious situations.
  • Caleb murphy


    Well, yes, corneal abrasion can heal by its own. So abrasion may disappear with time. But according to some researches, corneal abrasion can be awful and dangerous, so you’ b better try some ways to heal it. Generally speaking, you can wear the eye patch to insure a speedy recovery for your eyes. And you should know that corneal abrasion can include eye infections, in some cases, pink eyes, dry eyes can be caused. Anyway, just pay more attention to your eyes. of course, you can go and see the doctor and he can give you some medical cares.
  • garcia


    Yes, the corneal abrasion which is the scratch in the surface of the corneal will heal by itself. However, in order to let you get recovery soon, you could go to see the doctor to have some medicine with anti-inflammation role. Thus, you could get recovery soon. During this time, you'd better not use your eyes too much time.