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Kaylee tuener


How to convert my glasses prescription into a "20/20" type measure?

I am -1.75 in both eyes,what the number should be in "20/20" type
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  • Lydia


    There is no rule to convert the prescription to "20/20" type measure,You can get an approximation if you are shortsighted. 20/20 plano 20/30 -0.50 20/40 -0.75 20/60 -1.00 20/80 -1.75 20/200 -2.50.So you may be 20/80.
  • Hunter

  • walkingaround


    No, you can't convert it. 20/20 vision is considered to be "normal" vision, meaning you can read at 20 feet a letter that most human beings should be able to read at 20 feet. If the smallest letters you can see are 20/30, then you see 20/30. The prescription your doctor gives you will allow you to see your best.
  • Matthew


    If your glasses prescription is -1.75 in both eyes, then it might be 20/80 in a "20/20" type after it has been converted. Hope this helps.
  • Clarence Tew


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